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A minimalist lifestyle brand with a mission to simplify wellness holistically.

Should Eat Mushrooms During Pregnancy

Should Eat Mushrooms During Pregnancy

If you know how to choose and process carefully, it is quite safe for pregnant women to eat mushrooms during pregnancy. In addition, this dish also helps provide many necessary nutrients .

Mushrooms are delicious and attractive dishes and also provide many nutrients for the body. In fact, the fact that pregnant women eat mushrooms does not have any medical restrictions that make you stay away from this dish. Mushrooms are also a good choice for the fetus, because during this period, the baby needs more nutrients from the mother to develop.

Can pregnant women eat mushrooms?

Does eating raw mushrooms or mushrooms affect your health ? Maybe you should stay away from multicolored, poisonous and undercooked mushrooms, while others are good for your health .

Mushrooms are not good for pregnant mothers

  • The beautiful, colorful fungus is usually poisonous because it contains psilocybin, a substance that affects the nerves and negatively affects the development of the fetus. Therefore, doctors recommend that pregnant women and lactating women stay away from these fungi. You should be careful when choosing wild mushrooms to eat because you can eat poisonous mushrooms by mistake if you do not know.
  • Fresh mushrooms are also a major problem as they are carcinogenic. Therefore, doctors encourage pregnant women to eat processed mushrooms such as cooking, baking, drying or extracting and medicinal mushrooms. Small amounts of carcinogens can be removed by processing or drying mushrooms. Furthermore, processed mushrooms will provide many health benefits such as boosting immunity, providing fiber, minerals and vitamins to the body.

Should Eat Mushrooms During Pregnancy

Mushrooms are used as medicines for pregnant mothers

Many natural medicine experts and research companies have experimented with medicinal mushrooms. These mushrooms can be eaten as normal mushrooms, including shiitakes, mushrooms.

Mushrooms are used as medicines that are high in beta glucan – a sugar polysaccharide and fiber that strengthens the immune system for pregnant women and offers many other health benefits such as anti-cancer, antifungal, antioxidant and anti-cancer properties. bacteria.

Benefits when pregnant women eat mushrooms

Mushrooms have many nutritional values ​​for the development of the fetus. Pregnant women should incorporate mushrooms in their meals to be able to load nutritious ingredients from mushrooms. Here are the important benefits of eating mushrooms:

1. Vitamin B

Mushrooms are rich in B vitamins that are good for the skin, digestive system and nervous system.

  • Vitamin B includes thiamine (B1), riboflavin (B2), niacin (B3) and pantothenic acid (B5).
  • One cup of fatty mushrooms will provide about 8% of the daily necessary amount of vitamin B2, especially good for pregnant mothers.
  • Thiamin, niacin and pantothenic help build a healthy body, while strengthening the nervous system of the fetus.

2. Vitamin D

The high amount of vitamin D in mushrooms provides high nutritional value:

  • Vitamin D regulates the absorption of calcium in the body, helping to form bones and teeth for the fetus.
  • One cup of shiitake mushrooms contains about 12.6IU of vitamin D.
  • Mushrooms are a good source of vitamin D, rarely found in food groups.

3. Pregnant women eat mushrooms to help supplement protein

Mushrooms contain a good amount of protein for the body, which helps in the development of the fetus and builds muscle mass.

4. Iron

Your body needs hemoglobin to form blood cells, especially more during pregnancy. Iron is the main element to form hemoglobin and fungi is a good source of iron for the body.

5. Fiber and antioxidants

Mushrooms also provide your body with plenty of fiber and antioxidants. These will help regulate your body during pregnancy.

  • Antioxidants like selenium and ergothionein help protect the body from destruction of free radicals in the body and boost the immune system.
  • Fiber supplementation is one of the effective ways to prevent constipation during pregnancy . This ingredient also helps you dispel fatigue, ready for childbirth

Hopefully the recent sharing has clarified the question of whether pregnant women can eat mushrooms. In addition to the benefits, you should keep an eye on the types of mushrooms you buy: make sure the mushrooms are fresh or have a shelf life if they are packaged. During pregnancy, it’s a good idea to wash off mushrooms before you cook them and eat well-cooked mushrooms.