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A minimalist lifestyle brand with a mission to simplify wellness holistically.

Tips for Traveling with Baby

Tips for Traveling with Baby

When traveling with children, family members will not have much time to play comfortably, carry bulky luggage, eating and traveling will also be much more difficult. To help mothers alleviate those worries, We suggest the following tips.

Choose a suitable destination for family travel

For family trips, you should choose places where the whole family can have fun and relax together. The best suggestion for you is to go to the beach, to the beach, the whole family has just been swimming, while the children play with the sand, parents can lie in the sun and relax. Moreover, when traveling to the sea, your children will enjoy fresh seafood dishes, so parents will not have to worry about their children’s eating. In addition, you can also choose resorts and resorts that integrate between adult resorts and children’s entertainment areas.

Carry-on luggage should give priority to essential items for babies

In the travel with small children, luggage must be compact, with the top priority being essential items for the baby such as: milk boxes, bottles, clothes, baby diapers, blender to grind baby porridge, powdered food, pram, baby carrier….

Choose a hotel with a children’s play area or babysitting service

In our country, there is hardly any hotel babysitting service, but if you travel abroad you should choose hotels with babysitting service as possible. Because like that you can send the baby, to comfortably go sightseeing and sightseeing. In addition, hotels with a children’s play area are also quite convenient, in their spare time children can play there without being bored.

Rearrange your hotel room as much as possible to your home bedroom

Children will quickly get used to the new living environment, if the hotel bedroom has similarities with the child’s bedroom at home. So when you arrive at a hotel, the first thing that you have to do is to arrange, and re-arrange the hotel room so that it looks like a certain corner of the bedroom at home. You can bring stuffed animals that your baby likes to put on the bedside, put some of their toys on the dressing table, some story books, baby’s coloring book on the table or favorite pictures, open the TV program that your baby loves … This space will help your baby feel comfortable and sleep better.

Set aside a separate area to organize your baby’s belongings

In order not to waste time in searching for baby’s utensils, nappies, clothes…. You should set aside a separate corner in the hotel to put baby’s belongings. Putting everything in separate, orderly order will make it easier to find.

Give your baby a private space to play

To have time to rest and relax, you should give your baby a private space to play. By giving your baby coloring books, jigsaw toys, stuffed animals, cars to a corner and let them play by themselves. Meanwhile, parents take advantage of this time to rest, which will be very helpful for the long journey to come.

Put your baby to sleep whenever possible

During long trips, babies will have to travel a long way and sleepiness can strike at any time. At such times, the mother should put the baby to sleep by using a carrier to hold the baby close to the mother’s chest, using her hand to hold her head to help her sleep better. Or when going for a walk outside, the mother should let the baby sit in a pram, with a minni umbrella to cover the baby. So when walking with her mother, she can still sleep and she can still visit the places she likes. In addition, mothers can also bring a special chair for the baby when traveling in the car, this chair will also help the baby sleep more easily on the go.

Should bring plenty of food reserves

When traveling, in case your child cannot eat indigenous foods, you should bring food for the whole family. With young children you should bring full formula, baby powder. For older babies, mothers can bring sausages, bread, milk, cheese, a sponge, and some fruit.

Dinner in spacious places with a fun area for children as possible

For a delicious dinner that won’t be disturbed by your baby, you should choose spacious dining places, with space for a baby stroller, or a play area for children as possible. These places will help your baby enjoy and make eating and drinking easier. Should avoid sitting on the sidewalk, eating street food. Because the baby’s digestive system is still weak, but the street food is not of sufficient quality, the child is prone to poisoning and diarrhea.

Bring a smart phone

Maybe at home, you always forbid your child from watching TV while eating. But when traveling, smart phones or ipads will help you much more free. Open a cartoon for your baby to see, and then you will comfortably enjoy a romantic dinner without being disturbed by your baby.

Bring some common medicine

During long trips, in case of uncertainty, you should bring some medicine, and common medical equipment such as sunscreen, diaper rash cream, cream for insect bites, fever-reducing medicine, oresol, digestive medicine, headache medicine, antiseptic, bandage, antiseptic solution.

Bring warm clothes for your baby

During long trips, the temperature often drops to low at night, so you must bring warm clothes to wear for the baby at night. To avoid a cold, affect family travel.

Box: Small tip

If traveling by plane, mothers should have a towel, 1 shirt outside to replace the baby, in case the baby vomits when the plane takes off.

In addition, mothers should buy a specialized backpack with many small compartments to facilitate the neat arrangement of the baby.