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A minimalist lifestyle brand with a mission to simplify wellness holistically.

What Age Does Reflux Peak in Babies?

What Age Does Reflux Peak in Babies?

Reflux in babies is sometimes called gastroesophageal reflux (GER).  This condition is rarely serious and becomes less common as the baby gets older.it is unusual for an infant to continue reflux after 18 months. GER usually begins at approximately 2 to 3 week of life and goes higher between 4 to 5 months babies. It is important to know these kinds of things while you have an infant.

One of the best ways is to choose a swing to avoid your reflux infant here we will list you the best baby swing for reflux. Anything at the beginning stage is curable but when you find it at a later stage, it’s difficult hence you will learn how to handle your reflux infant in the review. For more detailed information about reflux log on to newmomplus.com.

Causes of reflux in babies

Babies often spit out after eating because their digestive system is not fully developed. This would disappear as your young one grows. As their organs are not fully developed the food they have sometimes make their way back to the esophagus leading to spitting and vomiting. This condition is very common in healthy babies also, but parents must have their attention to this.

At What Age Does the Reflux Peak in Babies

Symptoms of reflux in babies

Your baby will exhibit the following conditions for reflux.

  •         Spitting up and vomiting
  •         Poor feeding – even this causes irritation in the esophagus (heartburn) your baby might not eat normally
  •         Fussiness
  •         Breathing issues
  •         Hiccups – these causes excess air in the belly which leads to irritation

Remedies for reflux

The best remedies for an infant with reflux issues are

  •         Keeping the baby upright after feeding
  •         Giving frequent but small feedings
  •         Burp often
  •         Delay playtime after meals
  •         Avoid tight diapers and clothing
  •         Parent diet has to be changed
  •         Thicken your baby’s milk slowly
  •         The best baby swing for reflux would be a remedy to handle most of your problems related to reflux

Best swings for reflux babies

When a baby has these kinds of symptoms, the best way is to use a reflux swing. Here is the list of best baby swings for a reflux baby.

Cradle and swing

This can be positioned in 5 different ways: recline, upright, center, left, and right. You can use any of these reflux positions. They also have 6speed settings which go from low to high. This swing has plugged in features too. And the seat has a bunny design, and it’s very comfy for the baby. This is not an affordable unit.

Automatic soother swing

This has a gliding motion and a swing motion. This also has a vibrating feature that helps your baby to relax after a meal.

Convertible swing

This has a very different voice feature. 3 natural sounds and 8 melodies to soothe your crying baby and you will get a single hanging toy on the top panel.

Baby swing with toys

If you are a busy mom, you can get relief by buying this swing. You can play songs and control the swing without distracting your baby.

Compact baby swing

This swing has 6 different speed settings with 3 different seating positions. This unit gives you convenience, as you can use both batteries and AC. It has risk free designs with rubber pads underneath legs. You can use this type of swing for over 2 months old babies.

2 in 1 infant swing

This is the best baby swing for reflux. This is a convertible option from a swing to a high chair. You can use this swing for over 36 months of babies. This swing has five reclining positions along with changing footrest position.

Dream comfort swing

The swing on this unit has 3 directions and can rotate in 180 degrees. And you can also play your songs and melodies. The light beams along with the mobile can keep your baby entertained and quiet.

These types of swing have all the best features you want to have. Within the multiple seat positions, comfy sleeping area, and lots of speed settings it is truly worth buying.

At What Age Does the Reflux Peak in Babies

Features to consider before buying the best swing for a reflux baby

Upright position – It need not be straight up. Just a slight inclination would be fine. The swing must have upright seating. As a bonus, you must also look for the reclining position that makes the swing versatile and suitable to use for years.

Safety factors – Look for a 5 point harness system. It is the best solution to secure the upper and lower part of your baby’s body. Also, check if the swing is stable and doesn’t tip over.

Swing motion and speed – Keep in mind the front-back movement swings will require more space. The speed is also crucial.   The swing must have at least 4 to 6-speed settings.

Noise and entertainment features – It’s great to have music and nature sounds to swing your babies. Most of the babies get distracted while crying. Some swings have vibrating features that can add extra fun and turn your swing into a bouncer.

Weight holding capacity – If you are planning for a swing up to 16 to 20 months of your baby’s age, the optimum weight limit should be 25 to 30 lbs. Some swings might have removable padding for increasing space and room inside.

Power source – Baby swings that have only batteries can become pretty costly to maintain so look for a plugin option.

Ease of cleaning – Throwing up and spitting is common among babies. So look for a detachable seat cover. This will save you from unnecessary hassle later.


To conclude as reflux is a situation where after feeding the food of your baby’s stomach rises to the food pipe. This makes your baby cry constantly in pain, and sometimes your baby refuses to eat. The inclining position of the swing keeps your baby at an angle and prevents food from popping up.

Before making a purchase review check all the feedback and features of different swings and buy the most suitable one for your baby. Newmomplus.com assists you in choosing the best baby swing for reflux babies. As a new mom, you need to understand that reflux is not a disease but a common issue faced by 90% of infants. So choose your baby swing according to your needs and the comfort of your baby.