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A minimalist lifestyle brand with a mission to simplify wellness holistically.

What Toys Should a 2-year-old Play With?

What Toys Should a 2-year-old Play With?

Childhood is the age span beginning from birth to puberty, which precedes adulthood regardless. In developmental psychology, we divide childhood into three developmental stages:

  • Early childhood (preschool age)
  • Middle childhood (school-age)
  • Adolescence (puberty to legal adulthood)

Thus, understanding the need to invest in very young children is most important to maximize their future wellbeing.

Second-year of life

A kid’s transition from newborn babies to toddlers happens during the second year of life. Shaky steps change to confident walking. Kids of this age understand language and figure out how to communicate. Vocabulary increases slowly from words to sentences. Hand-eye coordination improves with better control over fingers and hands.

They do a lot of activities like kicking a ball, running, climbing up and down the stairs while holding, carrying a large toy or several toys while walking, throwing a ball, standing on tiptoes, and so on. Choosing age-appropriate toys and games play a very important role in this stage.

What Toys Should a 2-year-old Play With

Role of Toys

Tantrums are very common during the toddler years, leading to frustration. We can create a distraction by giving them interesting toys. One among them is the best tractor toys for toddlers.

Toys serve multiple purposes, both entertainment and education. Toys improve creativity, imagination, and cognitive behavior, develop physical and mental skills, which all play an essential role in their future. When playing with toys kids learn the art of sharing and cooperation. Play is very important for healthy brain development. The children of a very early age interact and engage with the outer world only through play.

Educational toys help the child develop learning and problem-solving skills and a cause-effect relationship. It should teach the child about a particular subject or to develop a particular skill. Toys also affect the social, emotional, and language development of a kid. Toys also make pretend to play possible.

Researchers have found kids might play aggressively if they play with the toys that encourage aggression. ‘Too much of anything is not good’, this applies to toys too. A study suggested that with too many toys kids get easily distracted and do not enjoy quality playtime. Thus, the number of toys should also be considered.

A Good Toy

A good toy is the one that your child enjoys and has fun with. It should be suitable for his/her age, personality, and meet developmental needs. Moreover, it should help the child boost its self-confidence and esteem. Thus it should develop your child’s fine motor skills.

Toys for a 2-year-old

This is the age they show more interest in playing with other kids. At 2, they should complete a particular task by at least 6 minutes with concentration. In that case, simple board games would be a good option as it helps them to cultivate the practice of sharing and taking turns and improve concentration. The number of toys should be under 12 for a toddler, as per research. Thus, identifying the toys that suit your child’s age and need is very important.

What Toys Should a 2-year-old Play With

Jigsaws and puzzles

We prefer Toys like Jigsaws and puzzles as educational toys. The advantages of puzzles in a child’s development are many, starting from fine motor skills to problem-solving, gaining self-esteem, and so on. To complete a puzzle, a child needs to remember shapes, colors, positions, and follow strategies, through which it gains a lot of knowledge.

Playing Jigsaws helps a child to improve in many aspects like concentration, spatial awareness, shape recognition, hand-eye coordination, etc. Puzzles for 2-year-olds should start with three big pieces and gradually increase as per the age.

Building blocks and construction toys

For construction play, you can give solid shaped buildings or toy blocks. Arranging these blocks stimulates a toddler’s motor skills, boosts problem-solving skills, improves hand-eye coordination, develops math and engineering skills, and enhances logical thinking. They get an idea about the different shapes and sizes of the blocks.

Tractor Toys

Kid’s love for vehicles is immeasurable and getting them tractor toys gives them a dream come true experience. It is an excellent addition to their toy collection, which can calm them from tantrums. Kids get engaged with tractor toys for a long time because of their colorful appearance, giving you some free time to relax. They are easy to handle, less expensive, and can be assembled and dismantled with ease.

They usually come as ‘build yourself’ sets, so that your child can join the parts together to get the final output. This helps in developing fine motor skills, in understanding basic principles like building from scratch, dismantling, and screwing. While playing with Tractor toys they get an idea about the functioning and movement of vehicles. Considering all these aspects, one can select the best tractor toys for toddlers.

What Toys Should a 2-year-old Play With

Factors one should consider before buying a toy

You should consider the following factors before buying a new toy for your child. The age level of toys is determined by safety factors, not intelligence or maturity.

Quality of the material

Checking the quality of the material used is very important to decide whether it is safe for the child. It should be BPA free and toxic-free. The product’s rigidity and durability are determined by its material. It should be unbreakable and withstand chewing.

Size of the toy

Toys should be large enough so they cannot be swallowed or get lodged in the windpipe leading to choking. You should take care that kids do not play with marbles, coins, or other tiny accessories.


The price of a toy is based on its quality and features. You should select in such a way that the cost is reasonable without compromise on quality.

Battery operated

Most of the modern toys are battery operated to make it easy for the child to play with. These toys should have battery cases that are secured with screws so that the kid does not open it.

The function of the toy

Toys come with different functions like moving, flying, etc. You can get the one that suits their age and playing capability, like giving the best tractor toys for toddlers.


Toys are an integral part of childhood, and getting the right toy at the right age is very important. They consider that as the most precious part of their life. They play a very major role in the child’s overall development.

Playing is fun, but should always be supervised. Even after buying safe toys, you must make sure your kids know how to use them. One way is to play with your kids so they learn to play safely while having fun. By having all the above facts in mind, help your child to enjoy her/his childhood. Let them have a happy and safe play.